AQW Trainer

Okay we do not level up accounts for you and also from a recent comment we are still hacking the main database! it aint easy so we are unsure wen we can level up hack!

Here is were to get and how to use the aqw trainer

to download click here or

new base and swf urls

Base: Swf:

click file and then base and swf urls


use it as u want u can learn more by using you 2ub


8 Responses to AQW Trainer

  1. cphackermasters says:

    new site hack codes for adventure quest worlds better than cp

  2. aztigin says:

    how to do hacks????

  3. in the next 24 hours i will post a guid or video on how to work the trainer as in hacks!!!

  4. secret12 says:

    you know I have it and the problem is my com cause it has many virus and it is slow
    so I can’t use the mega many money and always error when I do it…

  5. Vendettz says:

    tnx!!! ^_^

  6. ghadz says:

    can i have lvl 15 account???
    the character is warrior!…
    can i???
    when can i have it???
    better items please!

  7. Shadow says:

    Nevermind, I seem to have it but, forgive me for acting like a n00b but when I try to save the Base and swf you have typed here it won’t let me see anything and keeps giving me these strange messages. Maybe I have an older copy or can someone please explain what I’m doing wrong?

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